Video Metal Guitar Lessons

metal guitar player lessonsMetal guitar is hard to learn. Lessons are expensive and usually only cover basic theoretical concepts that may or may not ever apply to your music. Knowing that, it isn’t impossible; millions of guitarists worldwide play metal, and of that number, most haven’t ever sat down in front of a guitar teach for a ‘metal guitar lesson.’

In fact, very few teachers even specialize in teaching metal, which means you will be stuck learning basic chords shapes that are best fitted to an acoustic for months on end. While those are great structural concepts, they are far from necessities if you play metal guitar.

Metal guitar lessons on video are a great way to build the skills you will use in metal instead of building the skills that are most suited to classic rock or pop.

The best thing about metal video guitar lessons is the openness; you choose which lessons you want to learn, when you want to learn them. There are thousands of guitar lessons online, from sites such as YouTube to privately run sites by part time musicians. With such variety, you have the ability to choose your instructors, which means that if you find one instructors way of teaching difficult to comprehend, you can simply find another.

If one of your dreams of playing the guitar is to be a metalhead, Jamplay is one of the best places to head to with it’s wide array of guitar lessons in metal guitar playing. Be it guitar techniques, metal guitar songs or soloing, you can learn all aspects of guitar playing at Jamplay.

Learning to play metal on guitar is also greatly facilitated with multi angle cameras and tabs at Jamplay. This is something that you do not get with a traditional guitar teacher, you are also able to rewind and learn at your own convenience.

Metal video guitar lessons cover a broad range of topics as well, from sweep picking to alternate picking, legato, palm muting, trill picking, riff building, and everything in between. In fact, many modern metal guitarists that you look up to have been self-taught using the internet and video lessons as a primary tool.

Use Your Senses

guitar tutorialsA great thing about metal video guitar lessons is the fact that many lessons cater to all three senses. The audio sense, as you are able to hear the lesson and instructions, and then hear them broken down, and the visual sense, as you are able to see the techniques involved; the proper picking, the fingering, and the form.

As an added bonus, many video lessons contain links to download tablature, either from a personal website or a simple immediate download, which means that you can usually get the material to read along with the lessons as well. Plus, many instructors have perfected the style of visual techniques, adding onscreen tablature and notes, as well as chord diagrams.

The ultimate, sweetest aspect of metal video guitar lessons is the fact that most of them, at least three quarters, are completely free. You don’t need to subscribe to a monthly fee, hand out credit card information, or pay for materials (unless you print the lessons, then you will probably want some paper and ink), you simply click the play button.

As with all ideas, take some time to try out some lessons to see if they are what you need. Scan YouTube for specific lessons, and see what the different instructors are all about.

You might be surprised by what you find. If you choose to do it via this option, just be aware that not these guitar lessons might not be taught by professionals. You might pick up some bad habits which might be difficult to change in future.

Of course, you could fork out abit of cash (only $19.95 per month – less than what you would pay for a single lesson with a private tutor) and sign up with Jamplay. You can then gain instant access to their huge library of lessons in various genres.